Hello again, world!

So, I like the #MSWL hashtag. Most of the readers who find their way here probably know what it is already, but for the uninitiated, it stands for ManuScript WishList, and many agents and editors flex their creative muscles and dream up concepts for novels they wish they were working on. They range from the broadly general:

to the hyperspecific:

There’s even a website. (I’m verified, but as of this writing, haven’t put up a profile yet. Soon—I swear!)

This post, then, serves as an index of the things I’d like to see. It’s curated, and current, and the curious can bookmark it.

Maybe you can use it as a writing prompt, maybe it’s something you decide you want to share with your workshop/writer’s group. The #MSWL is definitely not the be all and end all of what I’m looking for, but it’s a different take, and I think it’ll be a useful one. Enjoy!

And if you feel like there’s something sorely missing in your reading life, then feel free to #MSWL it up on Twitter, or comment, or, you know, write the book . . .

I feel like everyone knows this about me, but I long for a great non-Western fantasy novel, for MG, for YA, or adult! #MSWL

I still have yet to get that YA novel about a girl group in Motown. . .


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